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About CLPA

Growth of CLPA

These figures are self-explanatory about the development and growth on the global level.

Many member firms come crossing the boarders to join CC-Link Partner Association.

Though starting with only 134 member firms when CLPA was established, it is expected to reach more than 3638 member firms in financial year 2018 (as of the end of March 2018). The overseas firms account for as much as 80 % of the memberships, providing a solid evidence that the world has recognized that CC-Link Family have become true global standards.

A line of diversified CC-Link Family compatible products, as many as the number of user voices.

With the increasing number of vendor firms joining CC-Link Partner Association, the accumulated number of CC-Link Family compatible products is now over 1,916 models. Partner companies also receive the benefit of their products being promoted in various CC-Link Partner Association activities free of charge, including the CC-Link Product Catalog.

As a sign of our global acceptance, the total number of shipped devices is Approx. 26 million.

The growth of the installed base is being driven by the automotive, semiconductor and LCD panel industries. We expect that this growth will continue to accelerate as industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods and others adopt our technology.