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International Standards

The High-level Technology and Ease-of-Use

CC-Link has been certified to conform to international standards, IEC Standards and SEMI Standards for the semiconductor and FPD industries, in addition to Japanese Industrial Standards, Chinese National Standards, ISO Standards, Korean National Standards and Taiwanese Standards. An established de facto standard in Japan, now it is now also recognized as a global standard. It meets the conventional requirements for open networks, communication compatibility and a diverse lineup of compatible products. In addition, it can drastically improve the production efficiency of manufacturing systems and applications. Its high technological level and ease of use are internationally appreciated.

International Standard: ISO ISO15745-5: CC-Link approved in January 2007
International Standard: IEC IEC61158: CC-Link approved in December 2007
IEC61784: CC-Link approved in December 2007
IEC61158: CC-Link IE Field approved in August 2014
IEC61784: CC-Link IE Field approved in August 2014
IEC61784-3-8: CC-Link IE Safety approved in August 2016
SEMI Standard SEMI E54.12: CC-Link approved in 2001
SEMI E54.23-0513: CC-Link IE Field approved in May 2013
The National Standards of the People's Republic of China: GB GB/Z 19760-2005: CC-Link approved in December 2005
GB/T 20229.4-6 Chinese BA (Building Automation) standard: CC-Link appeared in December 2006
GB/T 19760-2008 Chinese highest standard for industrial networks: CC-Link approved in June 2009
GB/Z 29496.1.2.3-2013: CC-Link Safety approved in June 2013
GB/T 33537.1~.3-2017: CC-Link IE approved in April 2017
Japanese Industrial Standards: JIS JIS TR B0031: CC-Link approved in May 2013
Korean National Standard: KS KSB ISO 15745-5: CC-Link approved in March 2008
KSC IEC 61158/61784: [CC-Link] Certified in December 2011
KSC IEC 61784-5-8: [CC-Link/CC-Link IE] Certified in December 2014
KSC IEC61784-3-8: [CC-Link IE Safety] Certified in July 2018
Taiwan Standard: CNS CNS 15252X6068: CC-Link approved in May 2009.